The net is our future in this 21st century, is the easiest and the fastest way of promotion, therefore the evaloaded is birthed as a promotion platform for  music, videos, sermon, spoken words, books, advert etc.

It doesn't matter how long you have being  promoting on different sites and it's not going global, don't give up, we assure you and promise you that
As you partner with or patronize us, we are eagerly in the business of promoting your music, videos, sermon, spoken words, books, advert etc.
not only on YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, twitter, we are promoting you beyond the normal routine of promotion.

We trends to the peak of the world,
The sky is the limit of the trends.
We also promote you on other promotion strategies and plantforms.
stop the search, and dream at all time to patronize us, don't be dismayed we don't delay, just pick the courage and focus on for it's the easiest way which you can be heared global.

we are affordable,
 not after the profit we stand to gain,
 it's about rendering you a sound and a good service.

* For video promotion is ten thousand naira only (10k)

* Music, five thousand naira only (5k)

* Sermon, five thousand naira only( 5k)

* Program / books advert, three thousand naira only( 3k)

To promote on our website you need to do the following:

>> Firstly send us your content (who you are, how you started music, where you started and your origin).

>> Send us your artwork, social media handle and your contact.

>> Send us half payment of your charges and then we generate a download link for you.

°°After your initial payment we will generate the download link and forward it to you, when full payment is made we will start promotion from our end. You can always give us the full payment from on set if you are willing.
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Account name: thankGod oyiyole
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